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We are oenologists and agronomists, experienced in the process of elaborating high end wines, as well as entry level wines. We can demand the same high work standard from our suppliers for bulk wines as for high end wine without affecting the cost per liter. Since wine is our passion, we focus on quality and we are extremely precise in our wine process and instructions, which we personally supervise in order to achieve the best result possible.

Our experience in the wine industry, delivering to the most demanding wine sellers in the world has given us a deep understanding of how the wines have to be according to the markets where they will be consumed. The quality and consistency of the product are essential. We are here to give you that guarantee.

Blending, a specific knowledge important to the final product, is among our best skills, and is the key to achieving a good quality/price ratio.

We also have an excellent network of local contacts: of grape and wine suppliers, oenological products, and filtering services. We know the best services related to bulk wine transportation in South America.

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It is not only good: it is safe!
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