We will then offer to be a third controlling party, with a local immediate access to the wines, high expertise and with a perfectly controlled process of bulk wine loading. You will discover the only certificate in the market that offers a guarantee of loading bulk under the highest quality standards: SAFE BULK.
We can also help you find the ideal professional service so you can bottle the wine we have created for your market and store it in perfect conditions. Be cost efficient, and rely on true professionals.
We are associated with an international and prestigious laboratory that will give us the wine analytics you require in order to safely import the wine to your country, avoiding annoying issues with your local customs. We will interpret the result ourselves and advise you as your oenologists in situ.
It is a very common request. How can I find the ideal wine for my market? We are wine designers and creators. We have experience launching new wines into markets and have the know-how to succeed in this challenging task. Let us build together a success story and make the best out of our experience and your market.
Today, many solutions are available to import selected wines, with smaller volumes. Make your enquiry and we will help you find the best way to transport your wine.

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Safe Bulk

It is not only good: it is safe!
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